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Comfort Food, it's why Podcasts taste so good!

Why do we like comfort food?

Because it takes us back to a simpler time. It takes us back to when life was simple. We had no responsibilities. We came home after school and mom would have a snack for us. My favorite was Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup. They were never too much to slow you down, but always just enough to keep you going for a few more hours until the dinner bell. Would it be Tacos? Lasagna? Stir Fry?

After dinner was over, it was time to help clean up, then off to brush teeth, throw my dirties into a pile in the corner and get into bed. However, I would always wait, hoping for one more thing: bedtime stories. Man I loved it when my mom or dad would come down to my room and curl up with me and read bedtime stories. I knew just how to situate myself so that they could wrap their right arm around me. Mom was always light with her touch. Dad would always use his big hands and pull me in tight.

It didn’t matter the story: The Hardy Boys; Old Yeller; Encyclopedia Brown; any Judy Blume books and so many others. I just loved the time spent listening to them tell these amazing stories. And now, I get to do the same thing because of Podcasts. Seriously, this is why everyone should love Podcasts.

It takes us back, back to that one on one experience we used to have with Mom and/or Dad. Listening to a Podcast delivers a cozy warm feeling. It’s Comfort Listening.

I remember my parents would always ask me, “What story would you like to have me read to you tonight?” It was my choice. Just like now, I get to choose what Podcast I want to listen to. There is no radio DJ choosing what I get to listen to. I can select Wait, Wait Don’t tell me or Zen Parenting or even the TeamSnap Podcast. There are so many wonderful aspects to Podcasts and the field is just growing bigger and the content is just getting better. If you haven’t listened to a podcast recently or ever, you should. Just maybe not in bed with your Mom or Dad anymore. You might be a little too big for that.  

Time to wrap it up. I’m off to get my freak on with the Freakonomics Radio Podcast. What podcast are you going to listen to this weekend?

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