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Why 2020 won't be your year

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Admit it! 2020 is NOT going to be your year. You aren't going to get that promotion. You aren't going to get that sale. You aren't going to get anything you wanted, and here is why.

You try to do to much. Look at that list of To-Do's. Look at how many things you want to accomplish this year. You plan on accomplishing that before June and then your business will succeed. The early bird may catch the worm, but the tired bird rests and loses out to all of the other birds who weren't so crazy.

My Dad always said patience is a virtue, and I hated him for that. I did not want to hear it. Now, I know better. Listen to those kind words. Patience is a virtue and if you have it at the start of the year you will have success. 

Look, if you try to plug away at too many items, you will get overwhelmed, overloaded and end up over the top, bat shit crazy. So be realistic. Pick out one maybe two things you want to accomplish per week or month and start there. You can always add another thing if you get through that list of one or two. But you can't take them off the list once they are there. And worst case, if something drastic comes up, you won't feel as bad leaving two things per month on your list. It's sure better than looking at a list of 20 and seeing you got nothing accomplished.

Here's mine.

January - Design and Launch new website

February - Get over 1000 followers on new Instagram Account, pick up new client

March - Release my first video from my studio, add second new client

April - Record 1st 2 Audiobooks of the year

May - Have both new client's new podcasts up and released

June - Close deal with 2 new clients

July - Start writing new blog every week

August - Host Webinar on "Becoming the best Podcast Host you can be"

Sept - Nab 5th client of the year  

Oct - Visit SF to sign new contracts with 2 previous clients

Nov - Follow up webinar by signing two new clients from that event

Dec - Clean up Social Media accounts and learn about latest Social media tool to emerge

Yes, it's going to be a busy year but also one that is balanced and beneficial. If I had said I need 9 deals signed by the end of November, to get over 1000 followers on IG, host a brand new Webinar, record two audiobooks, visit SF and resign two previous clients, I would have quit before I started. 

When you look at that list, do you think you could achieve that? Remember I am running this business by myself and while my wife works, I oversee the kids daily schedules. Would you do more or less? What's the most important thing you get done this year? Well ok then, make sure it is on your list and make sure you send it to me at

If you do nothing, 2020 will be your worst year yet. But if you move forward, slowly and patiently, 2020 is going to set the standard for all of your future successes. Good luck.

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